Order Classroom Papers

Order Classroom Newspapers

Call Laurel Gardner at (413) 585-5309 or email nie@gazettenet.com to order newspapers for your classroom or adult literacy center. We are almost always able to provide these papers free of charge to educators because of our sponsorship fund. Once your order has started, your funding is in place for the school year.

The minimum number of papers per delivery is 10. Your bundle of papers will be delivered to your school early in the morning. Our carrier service, PCF, does not put educator names on newspaper bundles, so please let your school office staff know that you are expecting newspaper delivery.  We do not deliver on days your school is closed.

We have a number of Teacher Guides covering all subject areas for grades K -12, offered at no charge. Most can be downloaded from this site. Call us if you need a hard copy. See Curriculum Guides to preview a list of available Guides. Curriculum guides are password protected so contact us first to get the password.

Call or email us at nie@gazettenet.com to place your subscription order. Orders can be cancelled or changed at any time.