Weather Art

Weather Art – DUE TO COVID-19, we are opening up the age range for weather art for ages 4-9.

Educators:  We use artwork by local children to illustrate our daily weather forecasts on the front page of every day’s Gazette!

Each weather picture selected for use is printed in full color. The student’s name and school are also included. Pictures should be done in color using crayons, magic markers or colored ink pens. Bright colors are appreciated, and number two pencil will NOT show up. There is no limit to the number of times you can send in your students’ work.

The front page editor, who chooses the art, tries not to publish the same child’s work twice, to give other children a better chance to be published.  (Of course, the weather itself dictates which art can be used on any given day.)


Completed entries should be sent to:

Daily Hampshire Gazette
PO Box 299                                                                                                                                       Northampton, MA 01061

Please make sure that the information section on each entry is filled in. There is no deadline; feel free to send submissions throughout the school year.