The Bookshelf



For local students to share recommendations with other students!

Eligible: Students who live or attend school in Hampshire County, grades 1 through 8 — as well as students living in or attending school in these “border” areas:  Conway, Ashfield, Shutesbury, Sunderland, Leverett, and Whately.

Educators are welcome to send reviews of books chosen by their students, or reviews of books that an adult has read aloud or assigned to the class or student. Educators include parents and caregivers!

Due to re-structuring of our print edition, please send reviews at any time, and we will publish them on Thursdays as space permits.


Reviews have no minimum length, but shouldn’t exceed 250 words.(Exception: If a book is over 250 pages, 300 words is OK!)

A review MUST include:
Name of book
Name of author
Briefly: What’s it about?
Your opinion
If it’s a picture book, mention the artwork, too!
Name and grade level of book reviewer(s)

A review MAY include:
Connections between the book and your life, or the book and other books
Your opinion of the most suitable age group for the book
How you would have changed the book if you were the author or illustrator
What you liked best, or disliked the most, about the book

Please email reviews to or mail to NIE/DHG, PO Box 299, Northampton, MA 01061 or fax to 413-585-5299.

If we receive many reviews of the same book, we reserve the right to publish excerpts.

We will try to publish as many good reviews as possible–as frequently as possible.