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Kid Scoop Writing Corner Schedule
Kid Scoop Writing Corner Schedule Kid Scoop submissions – not to exceed 100 words – may be emailed to or mailed to NIE/Daily Hampshire Gazette, PO Box 299, Northampton, MA 01061, or faxed to (413) 585-5299. Beware of faxes – if they are too faint to be read, they cannot be used. You may access a submission form for mailing here.




Deadline Title Explanation Publication Date
12/11/19 Candy Canes and Reindeer Make up a math story problem that uses candy canes or reindeer – or both. Be sure to include the correct answer! 12/26 or 12/27 (no DHG on 12/25)
12/18/19 The Greatest Treasure in the World What do you think is the world’s greatest treasure? Why? 1/1/20
12/26/19 Alliteration! Write a sentence in which most of the words begin with the same sound. For example: Caitlin keeps kites in her castle. 1/8/20
1/1/20 Leadership What are some qualities of a good leader? Who are some good leaders in your life? 1/15/20
1/8/20 Ticket to Space Pretend that you have won a ride into space on a rocket. What sights from your space window are you most excited to see? Why? 1/22/20
1/15/20 Special Sale Make up an ad telling people to buy something silly. Be as persuasive as you can. 1/29/20
1/22/20 Tooth Fairy What does the tooth fairy do with all those teeth? 2/5/20
1/29/20 Heart Thumping Ideas What do you do to exercise your heart? 2/12/20