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Kid Scoop Writing Corner Schedule
Kid Scoop Writing Corner Schedule Kid Scoop submissions – not to exceed 100 words – may be emailed to or mailed to NIE/Daily Hampshire Gazette, PO Box 299, Northampton, MA 01061, or faxed to (413) 585-5299. Beware of faxes – if they are too faint to be read, they cannot be used. You may access a submission form for mailing here.



5/20/20 Favorite Book If you could choose just one book to share with other kids, which one would you choose? Why? To learn how to submit a full book review, visit The Bookshelf. 6/4/20
5/27/20 Alliteration Write a sentence in which almost every word begins with the same sound. Example: Goofy gorillas grab gobs of grapes. 6/11/20
6/3/20 Summer Verses Create a poem about summertime that is 10 lines or fewer. 6/18/20
6/10/20 If I had wings… Finish this sentence, and then write a bit more. 6/25/20
6/17/20 Interview with a Caterpillar Pretend you are interviewing a caterpillar. Put a Q in front of each of your 3 questions, and use A for the caterpillar’s answers. 7/2/20
6/24/20 If I Were an Animal Which kind of animal would you like to be? Why? 7/9/20
7/1/20 Finish the story One day I came across a beautiful box. I opened it up and out popped… 7/16/20
7/8/20 If Fish Went to School Imagine a school of fish with their fishy teacher. What do they study? What games do they play at recess? 7/23/20