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Kid Scoop Writing Corner Schedule
Kid Scoop Writing Corner Schedule Kid Scoop submissions – not to exceed 100 words – may be emailed to or mailed to NIE/Daily Hampshire Gazette, PO Box 299, Northampton, MA 01061, or faxed to (413) 585-5299. Beware of faxes – if they are too faint to be read, they cannot be used. If possible, please put emailed entries into the body of the email.

Deadline    Title               Prompt               Published



4/14/21 Plan a Picnic Where would you go on a family picnic? What would you bring? 4/28/21
4/21/21 Ode to a Vegetable Make up a poem about your favorite vegetable. Maximum 10 lines 5/5/21
4/28/21 Special Time, Special Adult Write about a special day or experience with your parent, guardian, or teacher. 5/12/21
5/5/21 What Work Will I Do? What kind of job do you hope to have one day? What will help you be good at that work?  5/19/21
5/12/21 My Favorite Animal What is your favorite animal? Why? Give at least three reasons for your answer. 5/26/21
5/19/21 Best Book for Summer Recommend one book for other kids to read this summer. Tell us the title, the author, and 3 reasons why you enjoyed the book. They’ll have to read it to learn more! 6/2/21
5/26/21 Summer Dreaming What dreams do you have for a perfect summer? 6/9/21
6/2/21 What “bugs” you? What are a few things that “bug” or annoy you? How do you deal with them? 6/16/21